After a renovation to your home, you’re likely ready to move back into the space that has been under construction and get your home back to normal. There’s a critical step, however, that you cannot skip: post-construction cleaning.  Why do you need post-construction cleanup? For lots of reasons:  To make sure the air in your […]

After a major remodel, addition, hardwood floor installation, or similar construction project, let’s be real: your home or office space is probably a mess. Construction projects kick up a lot of dust and debris, and even if you do a surface cleanup, there are a range of pollutants that can get released into the air […]

AOA Cleaning and Restoration offers a range of services to commercial and residential customers throughout Northern New Jersey, including flood cleanup, mold removal and mitigation, sewage cleanup, and disaster/trauma repair and recovery, but did you know that we also provide professional cleaning services and wood sports floor recoating? Our recommendation is to refinish heavily used […]

Kristin Banks, AOA’s Account Director is passionate about commercial cleaning and restoration. Ask her about the industry and she becomes very animated. “I just love helping people. Knowing that what I do can actually impact a family’s health and well-being is a great feeling. I have had situations where families have been displaced and ill […]

Most of our customers know that AOA Cleaning & Restoration is a certified restoration and cleaning company that specializes in cleanup and remediation from damage caused by floods, storms, fires, ruptured pipes, and other hazards. However, a lesser known but equally important sector of our business is our commercial cleaning service. If improving the workplace […]

When the temperature drops, it’s important to get your home winter ready in order to prevent problems like frozen pipes and faulty windows, and to maintain good air quality during the months that you and your family spend more time inside. Winterizing your home can also keep your energy bills down and, most importantly, keep […]

Last month marked the three-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, a hurricane that wreaked havoc on New Jersey, New York, and the entire Eastern seaboard. Roads, structures, boardwalks, homes, and countless businesses were severely damaged and destroyed as the deadliest hurricane of the year hit land just two days before Halloween 2012. In the months thereafter, […]

Yes, it is fun to watch The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and CSI. But, no one wants to actually have to be faced with dealing with a zombie apocalypse, taking apart a meth lab or cleaning up a murder scene. If the unthinkable happens—a bacterial outbreak or a biohazard accident—the disastrous situation needs to be […]