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Keeping Gym Floors Clean and Ready for Athletics

December 11, 2015

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Keeping Gym Floors Clean and Ready for Athletics

When it comes to proper care and cleaning, most schools’ wood sports floors are seriously neglected. What causes damage to your gym floor? One of the biggest issues we see with gym floor maintenance is dust. Dust is an ongoing problem because it is always present. Dust is created by small amounts of human hair and skin cells, textile fibers, paper fibers, pollen, and other microscopic materials. With people in and out of the gym all day, every day, you can’t prevent dust. This is why regular cleaning is essential. Dust on a gym floor, after all, can cause slippage, making it dangerous.

James Caldwell High School - After

Another obvious issue with gym floors is that the more use they get, the more scuffs and scratches they sustain. Improper footwear can damage the gym floor, but regular wear and tear is to be expected if your gym is used frequently. Combined with dirt, dust, and debris eating away at the floor’s finish, this type of damage can make a gym floor unusable or unsafe.

Take care of your gym floor by cleaning it daily with the right cleaning products and equipment. You should also resurface your gym floor at least once a year. Your gym floor is likely in need of a resurface if you notice any of these issues:

  • Cracks
  • Peeling finish
  • Breaking down wood
  • Numerous deep divets and scratches

A resurface of your gym floor will not only make it look shiny and new, it will smooth out the surface by removing the scratches and dings that your floor sustains over time. A refinished, protected floor is safer for the students and athletes who use it, and it is also much easier to keep clean on a daily basis.

AOA Cleaning & Restoration refinishes gym floors for schools and other facilities throughout Bergen County—and holiday break is a perfect time to schedule this service. The quality of our work is unmatched by our competitors—our water-based coating is burnishable, resulting in a durable finish that minimizes scuffs and damage.

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For our final cleaning, we use Green Light, a Green Seal certified, super concentrated floor cleaner that that offers a superior clean for high-traffic areas and does not damage a floor’s finish. Green Light is manufactured by Buckeye International, an international leader recognized for environmentally safe products. The very same Buckeye products we use are used in hospitals, schools, and industrial and retail facilities around the world.

Learn more about what AOA Cleaning & Restoration can do for you by calling us at 201-848-8600. We’ll be happy to explain the process, equipment, and cleaning products that we use and answer any questions you have.


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