AOA restores your property, home or business to the way it was before you needed to call us. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded basement from a broken water heater, a severe case of mold, post-construction clean up or the repercussions of intense storm damage, we know that you need more than just a simple cleanup.

You want a trustworthy, certified, licensed specialist that will provide not only best-in-class service but also immediate turnaround times and updates on what is being done. AOA does that and much more.  By using ATP meters, we have the ability to capture and report just how clean (or unclean) the area is–before and after we perform our services.  The detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal unit of energy in all living cells, immediately determines if surfaces are truly clean–on a scale of 0-9,999.  While the average kitchen counter gets a reading of about 300, we typically leave our restored sites at a 0-10 level–an outstanding level of clean.

AOA’s team is made up of highly trained professional cleaners, repairers and restorers. We get the job done fast, but most importantly, we get it done right—returning homes and businesses to normal, to the calm before the storm.  We use state-of-the-art products, equipment and practices.

We also know how emotional these flood, mold, or sewage damage recovery and restoration projects can be for those affected—whether it’s from a ruptured pipe or a roaring storm. So while AOA cleans, repairs and restores with utmost precision and top-of-the-line training and professionalism, our team is also there for the empathetic support that home and building owners need during this taxing time.

AOA Restoration ServicesAOA Cleaning & Restoration specializes in the following commercial & residential restoration services:

  • Property damage, clean up and restoration
  • Water damage, cleanup and restoration
  • Flooded house, flooded basement or business damage, clean up and restoration
  • Post-construction, clean up and restoration
  • Mold removal, cleanup and remediation
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Storm damage repair and recovery
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Emergency services

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Before & After Images

Hoboken Fire Restoration by AOA - BeforeHoboken Fire Restoration by AOA -DuringHoboken Fire Restoration by AOA - After

Mold & Fire Damage Restoration in Hoboken, NJ — Before, During & After

Mold Restoration by AOA - BeforeMold Restoration by AOA - DuringMold Restoration by AOA - After

Basement Mold Restoration — Before, During & After

Mold Restoration by AOA -BeforeMold Restoration by AOA - After

Kitchen Mold Restoration — Before & After

Before Cleaning & Restoration by AOACleaning & Restoration by AOA

Sewage Flood & Water Damage Restoration — Before & After

Before Cleaning & Restoration by AOACleaning & Restoration by AOA

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Floor Restoration — Before & After

Emergency Services

Emergency Restoration Cleaning and Water Damage Cleanup

Rapid Response for Rapid Renewal

When storms hit hard or disasters of any kind happen, quick-response, wall-to-wall emergency response and restoration is crucial. From flood and storm damages, to cleanup from a broken water heater, AOA’s team can restore you to normal!

AOA will:

  • Guarantee a response within 59 minutes.
  • Our team is always ready to dispatch, 24/7, year-round.
  • Action plans are designed for speedy implementation and sustainable restoration.

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