Mold problems can either happen over time from things such as a leaking roof or plumbing or be triggered by a sudden event, like a burst pipe or large spill. Even high humidity or warm, moist air condensing on cool surfaces can trigger mold problems.

Mold can grow almost anywhere in a home or business if conditions permit. A few spots on a painted surface can often be hiding a much more serious problem growing on the wall’s opposite side. If the water and/or mold damage was caused by sewage or other contaminated water, then time is of the essence and immediate treatment is imperative.

In any of these cases, untreated mold issues present serious wellness and health issues for homeowners and employees. That is why we recommend that mold situations be evaluated and removed by a certified professional.

Our AOA certified professionals have the training and experience to:

  • Identify moisture sources
  • Evaluate mold growth (visible or suspected)
  • Contain damage to the smallest area possible
  • Physically remove contamination
  • Professionally treat materials and areas under the industry highest standards
  • Returning property to a pre-mold condition using state of the art equipment and practices outlined by the IICRC.

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Before & After Images

Mold Restoration by AOA -BeforeMold Restoration by AOA - After

Kitchen Mold Restoration - Before & After

Mold Restoration by AOA - AfterMold Restoration by AOA - DuringMold Restoration by AOA - Before

Basement Mold Restoration - Before, During & After

Hoboken Fire Restoration by AOA - BeforeHoboken Fire Restoration by AOA -DuringHoboken Fire Restoration by AOA - After

Mold & Fire Damage Restoration - Before, During & After


  • “I just wanted to let you know that your men did an awesome job! Not only are they very competent, but also friendly and left the basement looking like it had never been touched (except, of course, for the removal). They preserved what they could of the bookshelves, all the garbage was removed, anything that they had to move was neatly placed, etc. etc. etc. Thank you so very much! We are awaiting the bill as we would like to get you paid. Also, I would like several of your cards to put in my office if that is okay with you as I periodically get requests for services and I would definitely recommend you. As would Joe and I recommend you to friends, etc.!”
    – Barb, Homeowner – Mold Remediation January 2019

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