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Three Things to Look for in Post-Construction Cleaning

April 29, 2019

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Three Things to Look for in Post-Construction Cleaning

After a renovation to your home, you’re likely ready to move back into the space that has been under construction and get your home back to normal. There’s a critical step, however, that you cannot skip: post-construction cleaning. 

Why do you need post-construction cleanup? For lots of reasons: 

  • To make sure the air in your home is clean to breathe. 
  • To remove debris from places you might not clean on your own. 
  • To ensure dust is removed from all the places it has settled without you realizing. 

A construction project creates a lot of dust and mess that you see (e.g. sawdust, drywall particles, and more) as well as a lot of impurities that you don’t see. The dust and gases that have released into your home and even into your ventilation system can be harmful to your lungs and overall health. It’s important to not just hire a regular cleaning service to come in and surface clean your home or office.

Here are three things to look for when hiring a company for post-construction cleaning: 

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

  1. A trained team.

    You need to hire a company that has a trained team that follows a trusted method. Post-construction cleanup is about more than wiping dusty surfaces and running a vacuum. Make sure the cleaning and restoration company you hire works from a detailed checklist and that you have the opportunity to view that checklist. At a minimum, it should cover: 

    • Vacuuming all upholstery, carpets, and flooring
    • Wiping down all surfaces
    • Dry and damp dusting
    • Cleaning of all cabinets, moldings, countertops, ceiling fan blades, and all vertical and horizontal surfaces
    • Disinfection of all surfaces
  1. Good equipment.

    Commercial-grade equipment is essential when it comes to post-construction cleanup. Powerful vacuums with HEPA filters that have the highest efficiency standards will capture particles and pollutants that regular vacuums will not. The best companies have other tools they will use too to make sure all microscopic particles are removed and all surfaces disinfected and cleaned. 

  2. Quality cleaning products.

    A comprehensive disinfecting method is key to a job well done. Make sure the company you hire uses EPA-approved products that get rid of bacteria, dust, and other harmful materials. 

AOA Cleaning & Restoration specializes in post-construction cleanup for homeowners and businesses after renovation projects.

Our goal is to mitigate dust and other airborne particulates not visible to the naked eye. We use state-of-the-art equipment: the Halosil Disinfection System, which kills the bacteria that cause viruses. We also use Halosil products that eradicate 99.9999 percent of bacteria. The Halosil Fogger is the only piece of equipment of its kind that is approved and registered by the EPA. 

Most importantly, however, we work from a detailed post-construction cleanup checklist that ensures every surface and every space is cleaned thoroughly. This isn’t your typical house or office clean. Your home or office will sparkle when we’re done, and most importantly, it will be safe for you to resume your daily life! 

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