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Three Reasons to Invest in Post-Construction Cleanup

October 11, 2018

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Three Reasons to Invest in Post-Construction Cleanup

After a major remodel, addition, hardwood floor installation, or similar construction project, let’s be real: your home or office space is probably a mess. Construction projects kick up a lot of dust and debris, and even if you do a surface cleanup, there are a range of pollutants that can get released into the air that you breathe.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your contractor’s sweep and dust job is sufficient. For the safety of your family, there are lots of reasons you need to get a deep clean, post-construction cleanup.

Here are three:

  1. To remove the dust. Any construction project produces a high amount of dust from activities like framing, cutting wood, installing sheetrock, and cutting and sealing tile. It’s not enough to vacuum and dust with a rag. A professional will trap and remove the dust with heavy-duty equipment and commercial products, so your home can sparkle again.
  2. To purify the air. Painting, sawing wood, demolition of drywall and wood or brick structures—these activities will seriously deteriorate your indoor air quality by releasing gases and microscopic particles and dust. Even if your contractor cleans up afterward, there’s a lot of potentially harmful matter left behind that you don’t see (but you do breathe). It’s best to hire a restoration and cleaning company like AOA to “scrub” and clean the air to EPA standards.
  3. To dehumidify. If your construction project involved water or there was a water spill during the course of the project, it’s also important to accompany any cleanup with a dehumidification project to restore your home to normal and avoid the growth of harmful mold.

Don’t put the health of your family or office tenants at risk. Post-construction cleanup is an important final step in any project and one you should not skip. Make sure the company you engage removes dust and debris from all horizontal (floors, tabletops, counters, and windowsills) and vertical (walls, windows, and furniture) surfaces using commercial-grade vacuums and equipment.

One additional note: if you’re just starting your project, pre-construction preparation is a great idea!

There are a number of ways to minimize the mess and dust caused by construction, including:

  • Proper training of construction crew
  • Plastic sheeting to seal off construction areas
  • Tarps or sheeting on floors
  • Zip walls to seal off construction areas
  • Sticky mats by all zippered doors to ensure debris is not tracked through the home
  • Dust filtration fans
  • Plastic covers on all furniture
  • Canvas tarp or other pathways from the front door to the construction area

Whether you’re in the planning phase of a construction project or the renovation is already underway, call AOA Cleaning & Restoration at 201-848-8600 to learn more about our pre-construction and post-construction cleanup services. We’ll share more about our industrial equipment and products, our employee training, our proven techniques, and more.

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