Most of our customers know that AOA Cleaning & Restoration is a certified restoration and cleaning company that specializes in cleanup and remediation from damage caused by floods, storms, fires, ruptured pipes, and other hazards. However, a lesser known but equally important sector of our business is our commercial cleaning service. If improving the workplace […]

There are many reasons why homeowners might be faced with the need for a professional, deep whole-house cleaning. These procedures are vastly different from a cleaning service coming to do your windows or dust and vacuum. We’re talking about serious disinfecting and sanitizing of your home in such cases as: Your house was closed up […]

4 Tips To Cut Cleaning Costs For Business Owners And Property Managers If you’re a business owner or manager of commercial property, you have a lot on your plate. Successful ownership and strategic management of a business or property goes beyond a typical full-time job. The last thing you want is for commercial cleaning and […]

Each year, floods, fires and other natural disasters wreak catastrophic damage on home and property owners across the country. If the right disaster recovery specialists aren’t recruited for the job, the expenses these owners have to deal with snowball into financial calamity. Worst-case scenario: Poor disaster restoration makes matters worse, inflicting irreparable damage on possessions […]

Most business owners underestimate how important office cleaning really is. Sure, you know that clean bathrooms are necessary to meet basic health standards, and that a pretty good handle on desk clutter is important to keep things organized and cut down on misplaced, damaged or stolen documents. But, it’s not just about dazzling clients and […]

As a business owner, two things you never want to sacrifice are time and your bottom line. However, that doesn’t mean that you should compromise your commercial cleaning services and janitorial management plan. A business that compromises on the quality of its cleanliness also compromises on the quality of its business interactions. So don’t sully […]