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8 Habits Of A Highly Effective Restoration Company

January 23, 2014

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8 Habits Of A Highly Effective Restoration Company

AOA Blog10 ImgEach year, floods, fires and other natural disasters wreak catastrophic damage on home and property owners across the country. If the right disaster recovery specialists aren’t recruited for the job, the expenses these owners have to deal with snowball into financial calamity. Worst-case scenario: Poor disaster restoration makes matters worse, inflicting irreparable damage on possessions and property.

Dealing with storm, fire or water damage is bad enough. Don’t sign a deal with the disaster devil by bringing in a sub-par restoration company. Use the following eight indicators when deciding on the best property damage professionals to clean up the mess, soak up your stress and restore your property to normal… ASAP.

1. They’ve got friends in the business.
The restoration company has a robust network of plumbers and contractors to help speeding up the recovery process. There’s likely to be remediation work as well as carpentry work to get your property back to pre-disaster status.  A quality remediation partner has the resources and connections to manage the process from start to finish.

2. They’re properly insured.
Workers’ compensation is required in New Jersey, yet some commercial cleaning and restoration companies still don’t have it. You face significant risk of lawsuit if a worker gets hurt on your property, so verify the insurance information through the company’s insurance provider before hiring.

3. They feel for you.
We’re not trying to be corny here, but your restoration company has to have a certain level of empathy for property owners. They shouldn’t treat you as a client, but as a partner. Similarly, set your sights on a local business instead of a chain. While franchises may be locally owned, the levels of service between them are usually unpredictable and subpar.

If your restoration company’s services stem from both skill and empathy, you’ll get that level of dedicated attention you need (and deserve) to fully restore your property (and your peace of mind).

4. Their services aren’t scanty.
What other services does the cleaning company provide? Are they going to meet any special needs you may have? In addition to standard services, a premium commercial cleaning and restoration company should offer a variety of cleaning services.

However, there’s also a flip side to take into account. While you definitely want a cleaning service with a wide range of skills, don’t be fooled by a laundry list of services. A cleaning and restoration company that promotes itself as a “jack of all trades” is likely a master of none.

5. They’re trained and certified.
The best cleaning and remediation companies equip their team with on-the-job training as well as ample opportunity for outside training. Keep an eye out for companies that require or recommend that their cleaners complete IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) training courses. At the very least, the cleaning firm as a whole should be IICRC-certified. This not only guarantees that they’re well versed in the latest technology and procedures, but that they also operate under a strict code of ethics.

Some background on IICRC:
IICRC is an industry-standard certification group. To put it simply, the IICRC seal of approval is synonymous with “expert.” This institute also represents the main body of cleaning-industry knowledge, resources and recommendations in the country: providing education resources to consumers, classes to help companies in the industry improve their work and a contact database to help companies find a reputable commercial cleaning and restoration company to hire.

6. They’re willing to work with your insurance.
Their trustworthy restoration specialists are more than happy to work with your insurance company and adjuster to complete the claim as quickly as possible. They make it a point to establish a good relationship with these people, ensuring the process goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible for you, while advocating for “your side” when it comes to damages and expenses.

7. They’re rapid responders.
Mother Nature waits for no one. When disaster strikes, you need emergency restoration services at the ready. Look for the following rapid-response indicators:

    • Trucks are always ready to dispatch, 24/7/365.
    • Phones are answered by a live person, 24/7/365, who is trained in emergency protocols to reach a restoration professional within minutes of your call.
    • You’re guaranteed a response (professionals at your property) within 59 minutes.
    • Action plans are designed for both speedy implementation and sustainable restoration.

8. They put quality first.
How does the company assure quality of its storm damage and restoration services? An above-average restoration firm offers quality assurance checkpoints and follow-up surveys to ensure premium services from the moment they step onto your property to long after they’ve left.

Remember: The lowest price is not always the best option. Paying a low price may save you a few bucks in the short run, but you’re going to be paying for those sub-par services in the long run if you have to hire another company to clean up the first one’s mess. When it comes to the restoration of your property, you don’t want to take shortcuts.

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