We get calls often from homeowners and business owners that see small amounts of mold or have had water damage from a flood or burst pipe. Their concern, of course, is whether the mold is insignificant or needs removal. Here’s the unfortunate truth about mold: where there’s a little, there’s usually a lot. That means […]

When parents send their beloved teens off to college, there is plenty to worry about. But potentially harmful mold in the dorm room isn’t usually on most parents’ radar. Sadly, the record-hot-and-humid summer of 2018 in New Jersey meant mold problems—which can be exacerbated during rainy periods or when air humidity increases—for many schools across […]

We’ve gotten the phone call many times before. An exasperated homeowner or business owner says something like this: “We’ve had a water leak, and it smells musty and moldy.” “I’m concerned about the furry black stuff I see in our bathroom.” “My wall looks soft and I see black streaks on the walls.” Unfortunately, where […]

As we head into fall and winter here in the Northeast, it’s important to stay mindful of some of those pesky “house hazards” that come with wet weather. Top of the list: mold, which most of us don’t think about during the winter. However, mold can grow in uninsulated windows, walls and other surfaces when […]

If you have experienced a burst pipe or flood at your home or business, it is essential to act quickly. Flood waters from either scenario can have sewage and many contaminants that are harmful to your health. A flooded home and damaged carpet and walls also can lead to mold. The last thing you want […]

If you have ever lived in a newer brick home or walked past a concrete building, you’ve probably seen efflorescence before. Often confused with mold growth, efflorescence is a white, chalky, crystal-looking substance (whereas mold is more commonly green, black, or blue… although there are white molds). Efflorescence is caused by salts deposited on the […]

April showers bring May…mold? It’s true: wet months like March, April, and May can do great things for your lawn and gardens, but they do have some unfortunate side effects when water and moisture gets into your home. Damp conditions and higher humidity levels create the perfect environment for mold spores to grow—on window sills, […]

If your home has been flooded and you’re dealing with mold and unpleasant smells, or there’s some other foul odor that you just can’t pinpoint, you’re probably frustrated—and understandably so. There are many different sources of bad smells, from mold and mildew to pet urine, but getting rid of the stink can prove challenging. Too […]