4 Tips To Cut Cleaning Costs For Business Owners And Property Managers If you’re a business owner or manager of commercial property, you have a lot on your plate. Successful ownership and strategic management of a business or property goes beyond a typical full-time job. The last thing you want is for commercial cleaning and […]

FACT: Every square inch of carpet is home to about 200,000 bacteria. FACT: A toilet seat attracts about 50,000 bacteria per square inch. FACT: The fact that a carpet captures four times more germs than a toilet seat is undeniably repulsive. Yes, repulsive … but also rectifiable. Getting your building’s or office’s carpets cleaned by […]

Most business owners underestimate how important office cleaning really is. Sure, you know that clean bathrooms are necessary to meet basic health standards, and that a pretty good handle on desk clutter is important to keep things organized and cut down on misplaced, damaged or stolen documents. But, it’s not just about dazzling clients and […]