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To Call In The Carpet Cleaners… Or To Get That Rug Replaced?

December 12, 2013

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To Call In The Carpet Cleaners… Or To Get That Rug Replaced?

describe the imageIn our previous carpet cleaning blog post, we opened your eyes to some horrifying facts about dirty carpets. (Need a refresher? Just think 200,000 bacteria per square inch and four times more germs than a toilet seat.)

We emphasized the point that quarterly carpet cleaning is essential for the health and happiness of everyone who sets foot on your carpet’s shabby surface fibers, or gets a whiff of its allergy-triggering, asthma-sparking stench.

But there’s another big benefit to quarterly professional carpet cleaning. When you’re proactive about your carpet cleaning, you extend its lifetime and cut down on those costly and time-consuming rug replacements.

But let’s say you’ve let your carpet cleaning go by the wayside. What does it look like when your carpet’s seen better days?

  1. Your carpet’s feeling (and looking) down.If it’s matted down, then it’s likely time to think about purchasing a new carpet. This is especially true of carpets made of polyester fibers, which are not the best when it comes to resilience from high-traffic exposure.However, if your carpet comes from the nylon, PTT, Triexta or Sorona™ (also known as “Smartstrand®”) cohort, thorough carpet cleaning from professional cleaners, repairers and restorers is likely going to bring it back to life.
  1. Its stains won’t quit.Professional carpet cleaners are able to remove most stains, but certain stains are resistant to even the most powerful steam-cleaning equipment — specifically those derived from bleaches, teas, mustards, topical medications, plant fertilizers, drain cleaners and oil-based substances.
  1. Its stains are not sanitary.It also goes without saying that a carpet laden with permanent stains or damage from less-than-pleasing biological substances (i.e., vomit, urine, feces, mold, mildew, etc.) is a carpet in need of dire attention. You need to contact professional carpet cleaners right away to determine if your carpet can be properly remedied or if it should be promptly replaced.
  1. It’s had better days.How old is your carpet? The typical carpet lifespan is 10 years, but not all carpets are marathon runners. If it’s plagued with ripples, wrinkles or color loss, your carpet’s most likely running on empty. In other words, it’s time to replace.
  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures.We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Carpets are hotspots for dust-mite detritus and other allergens. While carpet cleaning for an allergen-infested carpet certainly helps, replacement is a better option if you have family members or co-workers who suffer from severe allergies and/or respiratory illnesses.

It all comes down to economics.

Have you ever thought about your carpet’s ROI? Seriously! Taking care of your carpet is essential to maximizing that investment. Quarterly appointments with a reliable and professional carpet cleaning and restoration company get you that optimum “return on carpet investment” you want. While regular vacuuming and attentive stain remediation are important, there’s certainly no substitute for the deep clean that professionals provide — even if you own or rent a steam cleaner.

The main takeaway here? When it’s time to replace your carpet, you need to do it. It’s essential for the health and wellbeing of everyone in the vicinity. But proactively taking care of your carpet adds years to its lifetime, therefore cutting down on those costly replacements.

Still not sure if you should be in the new-carpet market? Click the button below to reach out to an AOA Restoration Navigator and we’ll make sure your carpet gets the most appropriate, professional care it needs.

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