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Carpet Cleaning: Beyond (And Below) The Surface Stains & Stench

December 3, 2013

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Carpet Cleaning: Beyond (And Below) The Surface Stains & Stench

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FACT: Every square inch of carpet is home to about 200,000 bacteria.

FACT: A toilet seat attracts about 50,000 bacteria per square inch.

FACT: The fact that a carpet captures four times more germs than a toilet seat is undeniably repulsive.

Yes, repulsive … but also rectifiable.

Getting your building’s or office’s carpets cleaned by professional cleaners each quarter not only only saves you time and money, but it also opens up a world of health benefits for everyone who sets foot on your carpets.

Get a breath of fresh air.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) tells us that cleaning your carpet and freeing it from contaminants significantly improves the quality of all surrounding indoor air.

Steam out the might from the dust mite.

While dust mites themselves aren’t allergens, the feces and body fragments they leave behind certainly are. And since they’re completely invisible to the naked eye, you won’t know if your carpet’s infested with these tiny microorganisms. That’s why you need to call in the professionals. With powerful steam cleaners, they’ll expose the dust mites to high temperatures and steam out their allergy-exacerbating detritus.

Keep illnesses and irritations at bay.

Cleaning your carpets on a quarterly basis is especially beneficial for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses and skin irritations. From asthma and eczema to seasonal allergies, eliminating hazardous contaminants significantly helps to prevent and reduce flare-ups and in-office frustrations.

Prevent mold from setting up camp.

Dirty carpets are at higher risk of mold infestation, especially if your building’s in an area with high humidity and/or exposure to moisture. When it rains on a dirty carpet, it pours: Moisture gets tracked inside and sinks deep into the carpet fibers and carpet mold rears its ugly head.

Having your carpet cleaned quarterly helps to prevent fungal growth.Professional cleaners and water damage restorers have high-powered drying equipment that extracts even the deepest moisture that seeps far below the surface fibers of your carpet.

Remember: Mold prevention should not be taken lightly! Check out our report on the health dangers of mold and the ways to guarantee proper mold remediation.

Carpet cleaning services mean much more than sucking up stubborn stains and squelching out musty stench. When your carpets are soiled below the surface fibers, the health and productivity of your team sinks below satisfaction. Make sure you’re getting professional cleaners to come in at least once each quarter to keep your office in fresh, efficiency-flourishing shape.

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