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Your Water Damage Seeps Far Below The Surface

April 1, 2014

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Your Water Damage Seeps Far Below The Surface

Reaching For Restoration Services With Higher Standards

Water damage restoration, especially if it involves a severe case of carpet mold, is not a project to tackle without the professional services of cleaning and restoration experts. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded basement from a broken water heater or the repercussions of intense storm damage, you know that you need more than just a simple cleanup.

Especially here on the coast, complete water damage repair and disaster restoration for homes and office buildings is serious business — and it’s not something you want to 1) take on alone or 2) leave to just any cleaning service. Here’s why:

There’s more to water damage than meets the eye.
Water may contribute to 70% of the earth’s surface area and 60% of the human body, but it’s far from harmless.

While stains on walls and floors are unappealing, those are just the surface damage effects. It’s the structural damage below the surface that you need professionals to repair and restore.

Determining the extent of the water damage your home or building has incurred requires the discerning eye of a professional with years of experience in the restoration industry.

Mold doesn’t always make its presence known.
In a free report on proper mold remediation, we discuss how mold is not only ugly and potentially toxic, bringing along with it the risk of respiratory and even mental illness, but that it’s also quite sneaky.

If your home or building has suffered water damage, then chances are that water has seeped into your walls or floors. These dark, damp and often unseen, unreachable areas are prime spots for mold to set up camp and thrive … perhaps without your knowledge.

You need mold remediation experts to first detect the mold, and then to properly and safely remove the fungal growth from all identified areas.

Not all restoration contractors are the same.
The cleaning and restoration service you recruit to tackle your water damage and/or mold remediation must be consistently educating its technicians on industry-standard practices, training them on critical safety precautions and arming them with the most effective water and mold removal equipment. Make sure its mold experts are operating with strict adherence to the EPA’s “Mold Remediation In Buildings” guidelines.

True restoration springs from empathy and respect.
AOA’s Restoration Navigators™ know how emotional restoration projects are for those hit with water damage — whether it’s from a ruptured pipe or a roaring storm. So while AOA cleans, repairs and restores with utmost precision and top-of-the-line professionalism, our team is also there for the support that home and building owners need during this taxing time.

And of course, our team is adamant about showing the highest level of respect for your property and possessions. Do you trust your restoration contractors to treat your home or office as if it were their own? If not, it’s time to seek out professional restoration contractors that are reverent in their cleaning as well as in their actions.

To contact one of AOA’s Restoration Navigators™ for professional water damage recovery and mold remediation services, click the button below or call 201.848.8600. Let’s get your property back to normal, ASAP.

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