So far, 2016 has brought some epic weather events to the tri-state area. January saw record-setting coastal flooding in the aftermath of a historic blizzard, and February brought freezing temperatures (and lots of frozen and burst pipes) as well as heavy rainstorms that drenched much of the state. Homes and businesses across New Jersey have […]

According to Nationwide Insurance, floods damage or destroy more homes than any other natural disaster, causing more than $2 billion in property damage every year. Are you prepared adequately to avoid being part of that statistic? You can’t stop flooding from happening, but you can take measures to curtail some potential floodwater damage. These steps […]

Reaching For Restoration Services With Higher Standards Water damage restoration, especially if it involves a severe case of carpet mold, is not a project to tackle without the professional services of cleaning and restoration experts. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded basement from a broken water heater or the repercussions of intense storm damage, you […]

Stay Safe, Sop Up And Restore To Normal “Water, water everywhere.” It’s not such a whimsical song lyric when it’s referring to your home or office building after flooding or water damage. When it comes to property damage that involves saturated carpets, dripping ceilings and that musky smell signaling a possible mold infestation, you have […]

What do you know about water damage restoration? Scratch that. The better question is, “What do you think you know about water damage restoration?” With the recent run of harrowing hurricanes, super storms and other tide-and-torrent treacheries, there’s been a serious onslaught of untruths about water restoration and property damage repair. It’s time to tidy […]