There are many reasons why homeowners might be faced with the need for a professional, deep whole-house cleaning. These procedures are vastly different from a cleaning service coming to do your windows or dust and vacuum. We’re talking about serious disinfecting and sanitizing of your home in such cases as: Your house was closed up […]

Yes, it is fun to watch The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and CSI. But, no one wants to actually have to be faced with dealing with a zombie apocalypse, taking apart a meth lab or cleaning up a murder scene. If the unthinkable happens—a bacterial outbreak or a biohazard accident—the disastrous situation needs to be […]

According to Nationwide Insurance, floods damage or destroy more homes than any other natural disaster, causing more than $2 billion in property damage every year. Are you prepared adequately to avoid being part of that statistic? You can’t stop flooding from happening, but you can take measures to curtail some potential floodwater damage. These steps […]