So far, 2016 has brought some epic weather events to the tri-state area. January saw record-setting coastal flooding in the aftermath of a historic blizzard, and February brought freezing temperatures (and lots of frozen and burst pipes) as well as heavy rainstorms that drenched much of the state. Homes and businesses across New Jersey have […]

Most of our customers know that AOA Cleaning & Restoration is a certified restoration and cleaning company that specializes in cleanup and remediation from damage caused by floods, storms, fires, ruptured pipes, and other hazards. However, a lesser known but equally important sector of our business is our commercial cleaning service. If improving the workplace […]

Here’s one more reason to put a whole-house cleaning on your spring to-do list: it might help you control those allergies. This recent spotlight on indoor allergens shared a few easy ways to minimize the allergic effects of dust mites, the microscopic particles that cause allergies: Keep the humidity level in your home below […]

When the temperature drops, it’s important to get your home winter ready in order to prevent problems like frozen pipes and faulty windows, and to maintain good air quality during the months that you and your family spend more time inside. Winterizing your home can also keep your energy bills down and, most importantly, keep […]

Last month marked the three-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, a hurricane that wreaked havoc on New Jersey, New York, and the entire Eastern seaboard. Roads, structures, boardwalks, homes, and countless businesses were severely damaged and destroyed as the deadliest hurricane of the year hit land just two days before Halloween 2012. In the months thereafter, […]

Three years ago, the most destructive and deadly hurricane of 2012 wreaked havoc on the East Coast, killing more than 200 people in eight countries and 24 states in the United States. In New Jersey and New York, millions of people lost power during “Superstorm Sandy” and hundreds of thousands of homes were damaged and […]