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You Think You Have Water Damage: What’s Your Plan Of Action?

February 11, 2014

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You Think You Have Water Damage: What’s Your Plan Of Action?

describe the imageYou think you have water damage. But do you really need a restoration company for professional water removal?

See, smell, hear and feel the signs:

    • Dark or wet spots on walls and ceilings
    • Wet spots, drips or puddles around your pipes, toilets, sinks, taps, etc.
    • Drywall that’s flaking or cracking
    • A damp, musty or moldy smell: a stench that may be coming from sewage via plumbing fixtures
    • The sound of running, dripping or gurgling water, even when all fixtures are turned off
    • Unusual dampness or humidity, especially in rooms where windows are beginning to show condensation

So it’s true: Some signs of water damage are obvious to your senses. But there are others that require a professional eye. It’s never a good idea to let property damage linger: Not only does this amp up the costs for remediation, but it also opens the door to health issues. So you have to take action… and the best action you can take? Hiring a restoration company with professionals who are trained in acute water damage awareness and comprehensive water remediation.

A professional cleaning and restoration company does a full assessment of your property. This means they see, smell, hear and feel more than you can on your own, even if your senses are highly acute.

  • They pay special attention to structural property damage.
  • They assess damage to personal belongings.
  • They spot any mold growth and perform intensive mold remediation.
  • They prevent health issues associated with water damage.

Don’t sop up your mess alone. When your property is dry and free of mold for the long term, you’ll be happy you reached out to the professionals.

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