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The Value Of A Property Damage Adjuster For Restoration Peace Of Mind

February 20, 2014

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The Value Of A Property Damage Adjuster For Restoration Peace Of Mind

describe the imageWhether you’re dealing with a flooded basement from a broken water heater, a severe case of carpet mold or the repercussions of intense storm damage, property damage restoration involves more than just a simple cleanup. Especially here on the coast, complete water damage repair and disaster restoration for homes and office buildings is serious business — and it’s often a mentally daunting and emotionally exhausting process.

That’s why you need someone with significant property damage expertise to work on your side to get you exactly what you need, exactly how you need it.

Introducing, the adjuster.
Many people think agents/brokers and adjusters are one in the same. But let’s be clear here: Your insurance agent or broker is not your adjuster. The agent or broker is the person who helps you acquire an insurance policy — this is the person you call when you have to make a claim. An agent’s territory is to help you understand your policy, but that doesn’t involve adjusting the claim.

An adjuster is either an employee of your insurance company (i.e., the company adjuster) or part of a third-party adjusting firm hired by your insurance company (i.e., an independent adjuster).

Either way, the adjuster’s job is to work with the insurance company to straighten out the claim. This is a difficult job for them: Tricky intricacies like outdated coverage and emotions from a distraught homeowner often throw the adjuster into uncomfortable situations. That’s why adjusters seek out a restoration company that advocates for you, the homeowner, and mitigates that “bad guy” identity that comes with the insurance territory.

How does an adjuster work with your restoration company to help your case?

  • Adjusters don’t write the insurance policies. With the restoration company advocating on your behalf, their goal is to adjust the claim to maximize the best interests of both parties.
  • They know most policies are not updated to reduce deficiencies. They understand the inherent difficulties of restoration claims and work to transcend them to help your case.
  • Adjusters know how emotional the restoration process is for home and building owners, and therefore aim to close claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. They know which professional cleaning and restoration companies offer the most expedient services out there.
  • Adjusters are highly trained and experienced in property damage assessment. They’re often able to gauge costs before even entering a home or building.
  • An adjuster knows what it takes to make your case. He or she makes sure your restoration company takes pictures and keeps track of receipts.
  • A seasoned adjuster also knows how to put together a thorough claim that leaves nothing up to chance or question.
  • A large part of their job is to answer questions with honesty and integrity. They’re here to make sure you get the damage restoration services you need at a price that makes sense.

Adjusters know that not all restoration companies are on equal footing. They know which companies provide standard restoration services, and which ones go the extra mile. For example, you may not want the restoration company to use harsh products that pose harm to your family or employees. A restoration company that cares enough to go that extra mile takes your request into serious account. They don’t just dish out some appeasing lip service or give an uninterested nod of understanding. They do everything they can to alleviate your concerns and go beyond your expectations.

This is the type of restoration company adjusters want to work with. When it comes to restoring your life to normal (and making their job easier), they want that extra-mile dedication to full-spectrum, respectful restoration.

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