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Four Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Whole-House Cleaning

July 31, 2018

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Four Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Whole-House Cleaning

You spend more time in your home than anywhere else. It’s important to make sure it is not just “surface clean” but sanitized to protect your family’s health. That’s where a whole-house cleaning comes in.

AOA Cleaning & Restoration’s whole-house deep clean service provides several benefits you can’t get from a maid or carpet cleaning service:

  • We disinfect. Dusting and mopping are nice, but our professionally trained remediation team uses a comprehensive disinfecting method. Our special equipment (the Halosil Disinfection System) kills bacteria that cause viruses—the Sanosil products we use eradicate 99.9999 percent of bacteria. The Halosil Fogger is the only piece of equipment of its kind that is approved and registered by the EPA.
  • We remove toxins and allergens. Gross but true: dust mites, fleas, and other seasonal impurities can cause homeowners to feel sick. The microscopic organisms in your home cling to fibers and get embedded in floors. Our method and the equipment we use make sure these things are remediated from your home.
  • Our team is trained. Too often, cleaning companies send inexperienced workers—even `when you think you’re paying for a deep clean of your home. Not so with AOA. Our technicians are trained and highly knowledgeable. You’ll get what you expect and are paying for.

Living Room Whole-House Deep Clean

So, now the important question: when should you consider getting a whole-house cleaning? Here are a few scenarios when it’s a good idea:

  1. You’ve been away for a while. You spend your winters elsewhere. You’ve just returned from a two-month vacation. You are opening your house for the summer. If your home has been vacant for more than a couple of weeks, it’s dusty and warm—the perfect environment for dust mites to breed and create allergens.
  2. You’re moving into a neglected property. Not everyone’s cleanliness habits are the same. If you recently purchased a foreclosed property that is in need of some TLC, there’s a good chance that regular cleaning has taken a backseat. Don’t move into a breeding ground for toxic organisms.
  3. You just finished a renovation project. Lengthy construction projects kick up a whole lot of dust and other materials. It’s important to have your home cleaned properly when you’re done so you eradicate any harmful bacteria.
  4. You are turning over a new leaf. Try as we might, none of us are perfect housekeepers. If you’ve been storing a bunch of stuff for relatives or adult children, or you have a couple of areas in your home you’ve been neglecting, your home isn’t as clean as it should be. A whole-house clean is a great way to motivate yourself to purge what you don’t need and make your house feel more like your home again.

If you’re ready to schedule a whole-house cleaning of your home, call AOA Cleaning and Restoration at (201) 848-8600. We’ll tell you more about our deep cleaning process, products, the HALO machine and Halosil products, and anything else you want to know. Let’s get your home into  shape!

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