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Flu Season is Here: Stay Healthy With Halosil

October 21, 2019

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Flu Season is Here: Stay Healthy With Halosil

Update October 2019: Get your flu shot by the end of October! Why?

“Because we’re starting to see flu activity and because it takes about two weeks for the flu vaccine to become effective, try to get that flu vaccine earlier. Individuals who are older might benefit from the high-dose vaccine…. ” Read More: Get your flu shot soon, NJ officials say — Influenza is here

Winter is coming, and unfortunately, that means flu season is too. Nobody likes the flu and there are many ways to help prevent it from spreading among your coworkers, customers, and your family members. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting a flu vaccine every year to avoid the seasonal flu, but if you’re the owner or administrator of a business that has people in close contact sharing the same supplies and equipment or if you work in a doctor’s office, you’re probably concerned about your workforce too. Because flu viruses spread from person to person through droplets made when infected people cough, sneeze, or talk, the workplace is an easy place for germs to spread and people to get sick—and get others sick.


How can you help prevent the spread of flu and other contagious illnesses during the winter months? Here are a few tips:

Encourage good habits among your employees and visitors. Check out the CDC website for informational posters you can hang around the office. Everyday preventative actions will help prevent the flu from spreading at your workplace, such as regular handwashing with soap and water, the use of at least 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer in between washings, and regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces like computers, copiers, phones, and doorknobs. Make sure you’re fully stocked with soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, and disinfecting wipes before the winter season starts.

Schedule regular office cleanings. Make sure your commercial cleaning service isn’t just vacuuming and emptying trash bins each day. Disinfection and proper sanitization are important parts of your year-round cleaning program. Your cleaning service provider should use products that are proven to kill bacteria, viruses, and germs and pay particular attention to common surface culprits for flu spreading. Ask them how they sanitize and what products they use.

Consider scheduling a Halosil treatment. AOA Cleaning and Restoration offers a deep-clean service that removes bacteria and viruses that spread in the office, especially an office where many people come in and out all day long. We use the Halosil Disinfection System and products. They’re proven to kills germs and the system itself is approved for whole-room disinfection. You can add this service to your regular commercial cleaning or schedule a one-time service at the beginning of flu season (or a few times throughout the year).

Flu season doesn’t have to throw your staff into a panic and thwart the productivity of your business. Keep your workplace clean and sanitized and you and your employees will stay healthy these next few months. Interested in learning more about Halo and our commercial cleaning services and how we can help protect the health of your staff during flu season? Call us at 201-848-8600 today.


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