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If you own or manage a site that has expansive wood flooring, you are probably concerned about the best way to keep it clean, fresh-looking, and safe—all year long. The wear and tear gym floors get from all the traffic and activities they support requires a cleaning and refinishing solution that protects, beautifies and lasts!

Multiple Public and Private schools/districts call upon our technicians, equipment and products to keep their facilities in top notch condition.

We take care of: dust, scratches, wear and tear and refinishing as needed.


Dust is created by small particles you often can’t see—human hair, skin cells, textile fibers, paper fibers, and pollen, for example. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent dust, but you can control it with a customized regularly scheduled floor maintenance program.


Moving heavy things like bleachers, chairs, tables, and equipment across a gym floor can wear down the protective coating and/or scratch and scuff the floor. Over time, long scratches and deep gouges can make the floor unsafe and unsightly.

Wear and tear

Even if you enforce a strict policy of proper footwear, over time, your gym floor is going to wear down. Dirt, dust, and debris eat away at the floor’s finish, causing problems like peeling, dulling, and wood that breaks down.


If your gym floor is looking a little beat up, it’s probably time for a refinish—something we recommend about once a year. This will smooth out the surface by removing scratches and dings. Sealing and finishing will restore the luster of the floor so it looks brand new. An added bonus: a refinished floor is much easier to keep clean and safe for your athletes.

AOA Cleaning and Restoration is your source for gym floor refinishing! We use a Buckeye water-based coating that is burnishable, resulting in a durable finish that minimizes scuffs and damage. We also offer a Buckeye oil-based coating when needed/requested.

For cleaning, we use Buckeye’s Screen Clean, a ready-to-use floor prep cleaner and tacking solution that is ideal for sealed wood floors.

Take a look at our before and after pictures of some of these wood sports floor refinishing jobs we completed throughout the year:

Before & After Images

James Caldwell High School Wood Gym Floor Refinishing

Mary Help of Christians High School Wood Gym Floor Refinishing

Hawthorne Christian Academy Wood Gym Floor Refinishing

Gym Floor Resurfacing

Caldwell Wood Gym Floor Refinishing

Mount Olive Wood Gym Floor Refinishing