Water Damage Restoration in Bergen County New Jersey

AOA Cleaning & Restoration is a leader in Water damage restoration in Bergen County. We specialize in getting your home back to normal after a water emergency. The process of water damage restoration includes the removal of any standing water and then drying and cleaning the affected area. The AOA water damage specialists bring in high-tech water vacuums, which are capable of removing large amounts of water in a short amount of time. The next step involves drying the area with industrial-strength dyers and dehumidifiers. Once all the moisture is removed from the air and your structure, our specialists are able to clean the area with mold-deterrent chemicals to prevent further damage to your home and health. Our water restoration crews are available night and day, 24/7, to meet your water damage needs.

Bergen County Water Damage Company

Water damage doesn’t discriminate, and it definitely affects all of the towns in Bergen County! AOA Cleaning and Restoration proudly serves the entirety of Bergen County. So, if you have water damage and aren’t sure which water damage company to choose, you’ve come to the right place. We are passionate about restoring your home to normal. That’s why we offer a 59 minute response time to all water damage emergencies. Our experienced and certified technicians are not only water damage experts, they will guide you through the water damage restoration process one step at a time. See for yourself by calling us at 201-848-8600.

“I have been very impressed with AOA’s commercial cleaning services over the past 4 years. When our administrator asked us to put our contract out to bid, I was a bit concerned about what we would get but I have been very pleased. I liked everyone they sent to work with us. They are responsive, easy to deal with and personable. I would recommend them to other businesses.”
– Susan, Bergen County Public Library System

Here’s a helpful list of the towns we provide water damage services and links to their websites to learn more:

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