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Four Easy Ways to Prepare Your (Clean) House to Sell Quickly

September 21, 2016

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Four Easy Ways to Prepare Your (Clean) House to Sell Quickly

Help Your Home Smell Fresh Again

If you’ve ever sold a home, you probably know already that the condition of your property not only impacts how quickly you’re able to sell your home but the price you’re able to receive for it. While the exterior curb appeal of your home (including paint and your yard condition) does affect buyers’ perceptions, the interior of the home is especially important.

If you’re getting ready to list your home for sale but you’re worried about all of the little—and big—fixes you’ve ignored all these years, stop fretting. There are many simple things you can do to set your home apart. Here are four of the most important:

  1. De-clutter your home. Clutter is one of your worst enemies when showing your home. If you’ve got too much furniture or piles and piles of “stuff” all over the place, it’s time to purge or rent a storage unit. The goal is to help buyers picture themselves in your home—something you can achieve by making sure each room is tidy and has plenty of room to move.
  2. Do a deep house clean. After you’ve de-cluttered, give your home a thorough clean. Check out our spring cleaning to-do list for suggestions on how to eliminate the germs, bacteria, and allergens in your home and this helpful “Preparing Your Home for Sale” cleaning checklist to make things sparkle from top to bottom, in each and every room. If your carpet is looking dingy, call us to schedule a professional, deep house-wide carpet cleaning.
  3. Eliminate any odors. Any real estate agent will tell you that bad smells are an instant turnoff to buyers. If your home has an odor from pets, mold, or something else, be sure to identify and eliminate those yucky smells. Don’t just cover them up, though. Here at AOA Cleaning & Restoration, we use chlorine dioxide to get rid of all kinds of the toughest foul odors. Call us to learn more about this incredible product we’re now using.
  4. Remediate if needed. If you’re selling a rental home that is in less-than-desirable condition or you’ve had any sort of water damage from a sewer backup or flood, your home might be in need of more than just a cleaning. Mold, fungi, and pathogenic remediation might be in order, as this type of damage is almost certain to come up on a buyer’s inspection anyway.

One of the first things your real estate agent will tell you to do as you ready your home for sale is to clean it from top to bottom. Certainly, a homebuyer would appreciate an updated kitchen and bathrooms or a new furnace, but for starters, you should make your home as squeaky clean and clutter free as possible. Bottom line: clean homes sell faster and for a higher price!

In addition to our commercial cleaning and restoration services, AOA Cleaning and Restoration offers whole-house cleaning and sanitization services. If you need help getting your home ready to go on the market, call us at 201-848-8600. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and products, we’ll sanitize and remediate your home so that prospective buyers are excited about your home.

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