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Don’t Hide Those Bad Smells—Eliminate Them with New CLO2 Technology!

August 11, 2016

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Don’t Hide Those Bad Smells—Eliminate Them with New CLO2 Technology!

Help Your Home Smell Fresh AgainIf your home has been flooded and you’re dealing with mold and unpleasant smells, or there’s some other foul odor that you just can’t pinpoint, you’re probably frustrated—and understandably so. There are many different sources of bad smells, from mold and mildew to pet urine, but getting rid of the stink can prove challenging.

Too often, homeowners resort to covering up smells with air fresheners, but if you really want your home to smell better, you must get to the source. At AOA Cleaning & Restoration, we have recently started using chlorine dioxide to tackle odor removal. Approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, chlorine dioxide (CL02) destroys odor at its core by getting rid of the particles (in air and on solid surfaces) that cause the odor in the first place.

So, how exactly does it work?

Chlorine dioxide in vapor form seeks out organic odor molecules and neutralizes them. We use a patent-pending system that releases gas in the area to be de-odorized, then we close the area and leave. The CLO2 containers release a gas that spreads through all open areas and has a very short life span. This gas has a chemical electrical charge that is opposite of the charge of odor molecules. The two are attracted to one another, and once connected, both are destroyed.

Within a few hours, the molecules dissolve odor molecules or disintegrate. The product leaves behind a very small amount of harmless, biodegradable residue (sodium chloride, or table salt, and water) that is not harmful to pets or people.

In addition to working effectively on eliminating odors, chlorine dioxide eradicates mold after floods, disinfects cold and flu viruses, and destroys pathogens from diseases like Anthrax and Legionaire.

AOA Cleaning & Restoration uses chlorine dioxide on jobs with tough stenches. If your home has an odor caused by water, mold, or something else, and you’ve corrected the source but still can’t get rid of it, call us. We’ll help pinpoint the problem and eradicate that unpleasant stink once and for all. Call us at 201-848-8600 to learn more about chlorine dioxide and whether it’s the right solution for your odor problem.

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