In need of a cleaning and restoration service? You have come to the right place! Here at AOA, we specialize in mold remediation, sewage cleanups, and flood and water damage. We also provide post-construction, commercial, and covid- 19 cleaning and disinfection services. These are all services you don’t want to mess around with. Contact us […]

Customers can experience anything from water damage in their homes, a sewage backup, a mold outbreak, or even need to find someone for a post-construction clean-up. Look no further. We are professional, certified technicians that are able to help you at any time of the day. This month we will be at four different locations […]

Experiencing a broken pipe, flood, sewage backup, or even a mold spread? You have come to the right place! Come out this July to learn more about how we can help your customers solve their cleaning and restoration problems! We specialize in mold removal and remediation services, floods and water damage problems, and sewage cleanups. […]

You can meet AOA every month at various locations!  Come out to learn more about how we can help your customer solve their mold problems through our mold removal and remediation services, and clean up after a flood. Whether the problem comes from their water heater or a sewage backup, we’re here to help. We also […]

The same machine that AOA uses to disinfect the surfaces in offices, schools, medical facilities and more is being used to sterilize N95 masks at Michigan State University. The story was featured Tuesday April 28, 2020 on NBC’s Today Show to highlight the effectiveness of the vaporized hydrogen peroxide cleaning method to combat SARS-COV-2 (Coronavirus), […]

After a renovation to your home, you’re likely ready to move back into the space that has been under construction and get your home back to normal. There’s a critical step, however, that you cannot skip: post-construction cleaning.  Why do you need post-construction cleanup? For lots of reasons:  To make sure the air in your […]

We get calls often from homeowners and business owners that see small amounts of mold or have had water damage from a flood or burst pipe. Their concern, of course, is whether the mold is insignificant or needs removal. Here’s the unfortunate truth about mold: where there’s a little, there’s usually a lot. That means […]